Saturday, 13 April 2013

Drool List

Batman Poster Print SwimsuitCat Pattern Black LeggingsAll-over

1. BlackMilk Alice in Wonderland Bodysuit. Ahhh BlackMilk, one day I will sop being a tight ass and buy my first BlackMilk item. I loveeee Alice.
2. BlackMilk Mermaid Leggings. I WANT TO BE A MERMAID! THATISALL
3. Romwe Black Cat Leggings. Romwe have some AMAZING leggings right now! And frankly if it has it a Cat on it, I need it in my life.
4. Romwe BatMan Swimsuit. Yep...This is freakin amazing. I want to swim with BatMan.
5. Romwe Cat Crop Top. Romwe has a selection of different kitty tops right now. I want them all.
6. Romwe Hello Kitty Leggings. AH! Soooo CUTE. And all the Romwe leggings are usually under $30. :O
7. Romwe Dog Face Tank. Anything with a growly animal on it, ive been digging lately. Need this.
8. Romwe Bart tee. This is the best top ever. ... I need to stay off :(


Xoxo Cat Cuggles

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