Friday, 26 April 2013

This weeks drool list - ROMWE

Claw Hollowed Black Dress Paillettes Apricot Shift Dress

Various Cat Faces Print Leggings 
1.Claw Hollowed Black Dress $39.99
How adorable is this?!?!  I'm not sure if this cut would suit my body type but the pattern :o oh myyyy ggggg.
 2. Paillettes Apricot Shift Dress $56.99
This is a perfect autumn/winter/ anytime dress! Soooo sparklyyy! and this t-shirt style really suits me. 
3. "Multi Pattern" Leggings $25.17 They make me think of hipster cool kids, buttt I really like em.
4."Alice&Cat" Sheer Tights $13.99
Alice! I love anything alive in wonderland and therefore need these in my life.that is all. 
5. "Melting Icecream" Apricot Shirt $28.35 
ARG. CUTENESS. it also has a massive icecream on the back! yeeeeee.
6. Various Cat Faces Print Leggings $24.99
CATS! This is defiantly this weeks cat must have. 

GO CHECK OUT ROMWE! I'm addictedddddd. (i'm not affiliated!) (I wish i wassss)

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